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6. Ad­vanced bass EQing for a killer low-end

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1 Get­ting a fat, con­sis­tent bass mix is key when work­ing on weighty styles such as UK bassline. Let’s run through some ad­vanced EQing tech­niques to tidy up a bloated bass-house mix. Start by im­port­ing the files be­gin­ning “House…” into a new 130bpm project. The sub bass is re­ally over­sat­u­rated, so we’ll deal with that us­ing DDMF’s IIEQPro CM EQ… 2 Add IIEQPro CM to the Bass Sub chan­nel, then ap­ply a LPF24 fil­ter at 150Hz with a Q of 0.71. This’ll re­move all the un­wanted noise from the sig­nal, leav­ing us with a warm, rugged-sound­ing sub. Next, to give the kick more room to ma­neu­ver, let’s use a sidechain-trig­gered EQ to carve room in the sub… 3 After plac­ing Mel­daPro­duc­tion’s MAu­toDy­nam­icEQ on the Bass Sub chan­nel, send the Kick chan­nel to it as a sidechain trig­ger. Next, add a new band in MAu­toDy­nam­icEQ at 80Hz, then rightclick it to open the Set­tings page. Set the Dy­nam­ics mode to Sidechain, then pull the Dy­nam­ics amount down to -13dB. Nar­row­ing the Q to 3 will fo­cus the EQ cut. 4 Our dy­namic EQ has made loads more room in the bass end of the mix with­out mak­ing the whole mix sound thin, or giv­ing the sub an ob­vi­ously ‘ducked’ sound. Let’s now turn our at­ten­tion to the two bass sounds – we can give the flabby sound­ing Bass 2 a more sim­i­lar tone to Bass 1 by us­ing a match­ing EQ… 5 We call up iZo­tope’s Ozone 7 Equal­izer onto the Bass 1 chan­nel, then open the Match­ing panel. Hit­ting Record in the Ref­er­ence Au­dio tab will cap­ture the fre­quency spectrum of Bass 1 ready for use later. After this, we drag Ozone Equal­izer onto the Bass 2 chan­nel and hit Record in the Tar­get Au­dio tab to com­mence the EQ match­ing. 6 Tweak­ing the Smooth­ing and Amount con­trols lets us tune the amount of EQ shift ap­plied: we found a Smooth­ing set­ting of 55 and Amount of 60 matched the sound of the other bass closely, with­out sound­ing too boxy. Fi­nally, for a smoother fin­ish, we use Son­imus Sat­son CM over the Hi Bass chan­nel to gently roll off ex­ces­sive high fre­quen­cies.

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