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You could have Dave Grohl swing­ing the sticks and Bruce Swe­dien set­ting up your mics – but if your drum kit isn’t well tuned, it’ll lack punch and tone. The usual rem­edy is to re­place hits with ap­pro­pri­ately tuned sam­ples. But what if there was a tool for re­tun­ing drum tracks, re­tain­ing nat­u­ral at­tack and du­ra­tion, and free from tra­di­tional pitchshift­ing ar­ti­facts? That’s what Waves prom­ise with Torque. Slap it on a drum track, set Fo­cus to the clear­est tonal fre­quency range (usu­ally the fun­da­men­tal), ad­just Thresh­old so it only trig­gers on de­sired hits, then tweak Torque to tune it up or down. It’s $69.

Is this “the key to perfect drum tone”, as Waves claim?

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