Pro­cess­ing beats with H-Re­verb and De­cap­i­ta­tor

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To build his beats, Matt re­lies on Logic’s tried and tested EXS24 sampler. “I added some drums and stuff, just mess­ing around and do­ing loads of dif­fer­ent grooves and see­ing what hap­pens,” he ex­plains. “I have a huge EXS li­brary that I’ve col­lected over the years – Loop­mas­ters bits, and loads of Akai stuff from back in the day. There’s also a dub­steppy snare from Splice, and some hats swung at 16th-note triplets. I’m quite into mak­ing groups, so I’ve used Logic’s Track Stacks.

“I’ve got a big Waves H-Re­verb over all the drums – they’re fairly tame by them­selves. I’ve also got Sound­toys De­cap­i­ta­tor on there. I love the Sound­toys stuff; I couldn’t live with­out it! This is adding just a lit­tle bit of crunch – not a great deal. It’s placed after the re­verb, which is a bit weird, but works.”

Matt gives his drums pres­ence and space with Waves H-Re­verb

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