Pro­cessed vo­cals with SoundShifter and Fairchild 660

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“We’ve got a high har­mony here, and this pitchshifted vo­cal, which has been dropped an oc­tave with Waves SoundShifter, then bounced and placed un­der­neath. The back­ing vo­cals have been run through a UAD Fairchild 600. They also have sep­a­rate com­pres­sors on each one, be­cause I don’t like BVs all hit­ting a com­pres­sor at the same time – it gets a bit too lumpy. It’s nice to roll the bot­tom end off, so you don’t have any thump or un­nec­es­sary stuff go­ing on down at the bot­tom. Then I feed [one vo­cal track] to its own com­pres­sor so it’s mov­ing nicely with that spe­cific vo­cal, then feed all of them into a bus. Then I have some­thing com­press that to keep them to­gether as a whole.”

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