Tight mul­ti­tracked cho­rus vo­cals

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Pic­tures In My Head’s cho­rus is tight and poppy, and in­volves a fair amount of lay­er­ing and pro­cess­ing. “There are four breathy vo­cal tracks, which are ac­tu­ally bounces. They would have had Au­toTune on them, and EQ to roll off the bot­tom end, and it prob­a­bly had a limiter on be­fore I bounced it. I may well have used Flex Pitch to tune all of th­ese… ba­si­cally I’ve recorded loads of vo­cals, tuned them all and aligned them us­ing Flex Time so they all punch to­gether. It’s quite a pop sound, so I wanted them to all hit at the same time. The main vo­cal is four vo­cals again, and they’re panned slightly dif­fer­ently, so it’s quite full.”

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