In­stru­ment duck­ing with Logic Com­pres­sor

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12:07 To help the drums pop out of the mix, Matt routes his synths and other in­stru­ments to a bus with a com­pres­sor in­serted, the sidechain of which is keyed off the kick and snare. “Bus 2 is my go-to duck­ing bus, so I’ve added th­ese other sounds to it. It’s all feed­ing through and you’re get­ting this duck­ing sound.

“I quite of­ten use the Waves com­pres­sor for this, but here I’m just us­ing Logic’s Com­pres­sor. All my synths and keys are run­ning through it.”

“Tra­di­tion­ally, I’ve mixed all my records my­self, and I get them to a pretty good state”

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