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2. Get­ting started with Sonar Home Stu­dio

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1 When you open Cake­walk Sonar Home Stu­dio, you’ll be met with a Start Page of­fer­ing op­tions to load re­cent projects, cre­ate a new one, or watch some tu­to­ri­als. You can also choose any of the tem­plates dis­played in the splash screen. You’ll also be alerted about any up­dates or other in­for­ma­tion you might need to know about.

2 We’re go­ing to choose the Ba­sic tem­plate. We’ll be given the op­tion to name it. We’ll give ours the catchy name of CMSHS. You can choose your BPM, meter, sam­ple rate and the path for both the project it­self and any au­dio files that might be as­so­ci­ated with the project. We’re go­ing to leave it at de­fault set­tings.

3 Now you’ll see Sonar Home Stu­dio’s main sec­tion in all its glory. If you’re fa­mil­iar with DAWs, it has a typ­i­cal lay­out, with a chan­nel strip at the left and a browser on the right. Most of the ac­tion takes place in the cen­tre area, where there’s al­ready an empty track ready.

4 If you look to the browser area, you’ll see that the Me­dia tab is se­lected. It currently dis­plays fold­ers for Back­ing Tracks, FX, and Loops. Let’s open the Loops folder. In­side there are sub­fold­ers for var­i­ous in­stru­ment types. We’ll open the Drums folder, find the file 128 Re­fined – EDM and drag it onto our track.

5 This is a pre-looped file and will au­to­mat­i­cally match our tempo. Sonar can do this with any loop you like. Cake­walk calls it Groove-Clip Loop­ing. If you grab the right edge of the clip and drag to the right, you can ex­tend the loop out for as many bars as you like.

6 Let’s click the Browser’s Plug­ins tab to re­veal our in­stalled plug­ins. Sonar Home Stu­dio can host in­stru­ments, au­dio ef­fects, MIDI ef­fects, and ReWire. Click the In­stru­ments but­ton be­neath the tabs. Alas, there’s not much here, ex­cept­ing the TTS-1 Gen­eral MIDI ROM­pler. We need to tell Sonar where our plug­ins are.

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