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With Komplete Kon­trol Mk2’s dual screens be­ing the same as those of Maschines Mk3 and Stu­dio, NI have been able to dra­mat­i­cally ex­pand its ca­pa­bil­i­ties as a com­pan­ion con­troller for the Mas­chine soft­ware. The Mixer, Plug-in and Browser but­tons par­al­lel their Mas­chine equiv­a­lents, and a set of five ded­i­cated but­tons ac­cess var­i­ous Mas­chine-spe­cific views and modes.

The Scene and Pat­tern but­tons switch be­tween Mas­chine’s Scene and Pat­tern view modes (Komplete Kon­trol’s dis­plays ac­tu­ally mir­ror­ing the for­mer more lit­er­ally than Mas­chine’s!), while Track pops up a track se­lec­tion overlay. The Key Mode but­ton tog­gles be­tween pitch­ing the currently se­lected Sound up and down the key­board (the orig­i­nal Komplete Kon­trol be­hav­iour) and map­ping all 16 Sounds in the cur­rent Group to 16 keys, and the Clear but­ton deletes the con­tents of the cur­rent clip.

Trans­port con­trol, and brows­ing and mix­ing us­ing the dis­plays and their as­so­ci­ated con­trols are iden­ti­cal to Mas­chine Mk3/Stu­dio, and the abil­ity to view dif­fer­ent things on each and unit at the same time – eg, the mixer and plugin pa­ram­e­ters – is ev­ery bit as cool as it sounds. For those who can af­ford both, Mas­chine Mk3 and Komplete Kon­trol Mk2 make for a great combo.

Part­ner Komplete Kon­trol Mk2 with Mas­chine Mk3 for the ul­ti­mate Mas­chine rig

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