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RP-Verb2’s head­line new fea­ture is the Reverser, with which the Re­verb sec­tion or fi­nal out­put is cap­tured and played back in re­verse, and mixed with the reg­u­lar for­ward re­verb sig­nal.

Ac­ti­vat­ing the Reverser ini­ti­ates con­stant record­ing of the re­verb to a buf­fer of user-de­fin­able length (host­synced or up to 16 sec­onds). When the buf­fer is filled, the re­verb is im­me­di­ately played back in re­verse.

You can set a thresh­old for the re­verb sig­nal to reach be­fore record­ing is trig­gered, de­ter­mine a ‘pause’ time pe­riod be­tween trig­gers with the Hold knob, and de­lay the record start point in re­la­tion to the trig­ger point by up to 4s with the Off­set knob. Smooth­ing over of the start and end points is done by ad­just­ing the At­tack and De­cay knobs, while the Mix knob bal­ances for­ward and re­versed sig­nals.

The length-ad­justable dis­play clearly shows not only the wave­form of the re­versed re­verb but also the progress of record­ing and play­back, and the Hold time. This re­ally helps you to get a han­dle on the time-bend­ing nature of the process.

The Reverser is a sub­lime ad­di­tion, and the abil­ity to mix for­ward and re­verse re­verbs is awe­some, open­ing up all man­ner of un­usual tex­tu­ral and rhyth­mic ef­fects.

Mix for­ward and back­wards re­verb in real time with the Reverser

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