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As well as work­ing with Lié to con­trol soft­ware in­stru­ments in a host DAW, Touché also func­tions as a stand­alone MIDI and CV con­troller for use with hard­ware synths (and, in­deed, soft­ware synths with­out the niceties of Lié). On the back of the unit are mini­jack sock­ets for MIDI In and Out, and four CV out­puts, with all req­ui­site ca­bling pro­vided in the box.

Six banks of four pre­sets each are stored in Touché’s in­ter­nal mem­ory, and pre­sets are pro­grammed in Lié, with menus of CCs or CV out­put volt­ages (the two can’t be mixed in a pre­set) re­plac­ing the plugin pa­ram­e­ter lists. A MIDI pre­set has up to eight slots, and a CV pre­set has four. Dump­ing pre­sets to the de­vice mem­ory also hap­pens in Lié, of course, where the Mem­ory View win­dow shows you their lay­out across the four banks.

In stand­alone mode, Touché’s two but­tons are used to switch be­tween stored pre­sets, with four LEDs above the en­coder in­di­cat­ing the cur­rent bank by colour, and the pre­set within the bank by the num­ber of lit LEDs. A ton of pre­sets for a wide range of synths is in­cluded, and the only snag is that Lié is currently Mac-ex­clu­sive, so not only are PC mu­sos out of luck in terms of DAW us­age, but they can’t even make and load hard­ware pre­sets.

Lié’s Mem­ory View shows the colours and LED num­bers as­signed to the on­board pre­sets

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