What’s your dream piece of mu­sic-mak­ing gear?

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Joseph Howard

“It’s got to be the Sch­midt syn­the­siser – sim­ply be­cause it’s a hands-on ana­logue ex­pe­ri­ence with mem­ory and lit­er­ally end­less pos­si­bil­i­ties.”

Carl Carl

“A cus­tom-made D16 Phoscyon MIDI con­troller.”

Ni­colò An­gel­laro

“The most ex­pen­sive Roland V-Drums kit. As a drum­mer, I re­ally love the idea of phys­i­cally play­ing the beats for my drum ’n’ bass tracks, and the dif­fer­ent ve­loc­i­ties would give a hu­man touch. Plus, I would def­i­nitely en­joy record­ing drum fills rather than com­pos­ing them click-by-click.”

An­drew Rainey

“One of the orig­i­nal Moogs and a jam in a stu­dio with Moroder and Sylvester.”

Phil White “A Buchla mu­sic easel.” Kevin Wood­ing

“A Stein­way grand piano. It’s a me­chan­i­cal in­stru­ment that ac­tu­ally feels alive.”

Marc Van Stof­fe­len

“I could men­tion a lot of ana­logue, dig­i­tal and hy­brid gear, but those aren’t re­ally a ne­ces­sity. Be­cause I re­cently lost a cou­ple of fingers, I’d love to re­place my key­board with a Linnstru­ment so I can have some bet­ter skills.”

Mark Downie “A vinyl-cut­ting lathe.” JF Madeleine

“An Ober­heim Ma­trix-12 to cre­ate lush pads and SFX.”

Samir Loumachi

“The most pow­er­ful com­puter sys­tem on the con­sumer mar­ket so that I would never have to face an un­der-run ever again.”

Phil Collins

“I can’t think of a piece of gear, but I’d cer­tainly book a course on mas­ter­ing!”

Aaron New­big­ging

“I’d pick up some in­sanely ex­pen­sive gui­tar... Like John Len­non’s gui­tar or some­thing.”

Michael Dean New­ton

“Quested mon­i­tors. I mixed on them in 80s and still haven’t found any­thing bet­ter.”

Martin Glover

“A real Roland TB-303 to get the orig­i­nal phat sound.”

Emilio May­oral Rizzi

“A medium-sized, warm, wooden room. Some­times the room is as much part of the per­for­mance as the per­former and can add beau­ti­ful char­ac­ter to the record­ing.”

Leon Bai­ley

“Two Yamaha CS-80s – one to use, and a spare in case of break­downs!”

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