You get more than 75 in­stru­ments and ef­fects with ev­ery is­sue of

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The Plug­ins col­lec­tion is a suite of com­plete, lim­i­ta­tion-free in­stru­ment and ef­fects plug­ins. It’s an in­cred­i­ble re­source, boast­ing more than 75 pro-qual­ity plug­ins that you won’t find any­where else, all for PC and Mac, in VST and AU for­mats. All of the in­cluded soft­ware is cre­ated ex­clu­sively for us by re­spected com­mer­cial de­vel­op­ers such as D16 Group, u-he, Au­dioReal­ism, Ohm Force, KV331 Au­dio, Cableguys, XILS-lab, Au­dioThing, Vengeance-Sound, Rob Papen, zplane and more. Enough talk­ing! Where do I get th­ese plug­ins? You can grab them all on the cover DVD with out print edi­tion, or as a down­load from File­Silo (see p5 for in­struc­tions on how to ac­cess). How do I in­stall Plug­ins? It de­pends on the plugin. As with all soft­ware in­stru­ments and ef­fects, some have ded­i­cated in­stall­ers, while oth­ers just drop into your plugin fold­ers. You’ll find spe­cific in­stal­la­tion in­struc­tions for each in the How To In­stall file in the CM Plug­ins folder. What do I need to use them? A PC or Mac and a mu­sic pro­gram (aka DAW) to host them. You need a DAW that can host VST or AU plug­ins, such as Able­ton Live, Reaper, FL Stu­dio (PC), Cubase, Sonar (PC), Logic (Mac) or Garageband (Mac). One free op­tion is Track­tion 6. What hap­pened to…! As of 209, al­most all Plug­ins are 64-bit com­pat­i­ble. The few older Plug­ins that re­main 32-bit-only – such as Am­pli­fika­tion CM, Rhino CM and KR-De­lay/ KR-Re­verb – are now in­cluded in the 32-bit only sub­fold­ers. Th­ese plug­ins re­quire ei­ther a 32-bit host or a suit­able ‘bit bridge’ (eg, jBridge) for use in a 64-bit DAW.

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