Pro­peller­head Soft­ware Re­Birth RB-338 (1997)

Mod­elled on Roland’s vaunted TB-303 synth and TR-808 and 909 drum ma­chines, this one was an in­stant dance mu­sic hit!

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1 Dis­con­tin­ued in 2005, Pro­peller­head made Re­Birth freely avail­able be­fore of­fer­ing an iOS ver­sion in Ap­ple’s App Store. Though they gave the orig­i­nal their bless­ing, Roland changed their minds shortly after the re­lease of the iOS ver­sion, as seen here.

2 The desk­top ver­sion is still quite us­able, al­though it’s been all but aged out by OS up­grades. How­ever, if you paid for the iOS ver­sion, you should still be able to use it on your pre-iOS 11 de­vices. Here, we’ve tapped in a ba­sic four-to-the-floor kick drum beat on the 808.

3 Next, we go down to the TR-909 and add snares on the back­beat, then dial in a bit of De­lay in the Mix panel just to the right. Us­ing the top TB-303’s Step but­ton, we walk through the pat­tern, adding notes and tweak­ing the synth pa­ram­e­ters, and per­haps adding some dis­tor­tion in the mixer.

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