Vo­cal dis­tor­tion with CamelCrusher

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Alex uses Camel Au­dio’s no-longer-avail­able CamelCrusher to dis­tort and fil­ter the pitched-up vo­cal cut. “The fil­ter’s re­ally good on the dis­tor­tion. I used the fil­ter on the first bit [of the vo­cal] be­cause it was pierc­ing through quite a lot – with­out it, it’s got that re­ally tinny high end. I could have EQ’d it out but I like the fil­ter sound on this, es­pe­cially when you’re dis­tort­ing it a lot. The dis­tor­tion makes it crisp, and cuts through.

Hav­ing sorted out the oc­tave-up ‘you’ vo­cal on one track, he ap­plies the same pro­cess­ing to the rest – pitched up a fur­ther five semi­tones – on the track be­low. “I orig­i­nally had it go­ing through­out, and it sounded a bit repet­i­tive, so I bounced it out and had the oc­tave be­low as well for a call-and-re­peat ef­fect. I just bounced out the whole high track, shifted it down an oc­tave us­ing SoundShifter and squashed it again with CamelCrusher. It sounds re­ally dirty, but great in the track.”

Alex uses the dis­con­tin­ued CamelCrusher plugin to fil­ter and dis­tort the vo­cal chops

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