Fills and ris­ers

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The metal­lic, tim­bale-es­que drum fill be­fore the drop is one of Ca­sual’s most mem­o­rable sounds, with its dub-style re­verb and rhythm. “I took a drum [one-shot] and just kind of made it my­self,” says Alex. “CamelCrusher, again, beefs it up, with re­verb to soften it. Be­fore a drop, I want things to ex­pand out and then come in. The re­verb does that too – it kind of ‘airs’ it out, then ev­ery­thing comes in with those sharp synths down the mid­dle.” The fill is pitchshifted down a semi­tone to fit the track’s key – “A lot of peo­ple don’t,” he laments. Lastly, sim­ple riser sounds are added. “These are just sam­ples. I didn’t use too many ef­fects – it’s not like an EDM track, I didn’t want to go over­board with any­thing.”

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