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1. Re­v­erser

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1 Like all Kilohearts plugins, Re­v­erser’s name leaves lit­tle to the imag­i­na­tion: it sim­ply re­v­erses sec­tions of the in­put sig­nal in real time and mixes the out­put back in with the dry sig­nal. The Mix con­trol sets the dry/wet bal­ance. 2 The size of the re­versed buf­fer and the de­lay be­fore it starts play­back are set by the De­lay Time pa­ram­e­ter – that’s the big num­ber at the top. This can be set in mil­lisec­onds, from 10ms to 5s, or any­where from 1/32 to 16 bars when synced. Re­ally short times gen­er­ate wild, glitchy, al­most gran­u­lar ef­fects. 3 The Crossfade con­trol is used to smooth over the tran­si­tions between slices, which can oth­er­wise get quite clicky at short de­lay times, by fad­ing in the start and end of each one. This is ex­pressed as a per­cent­age of the re­versed buf­fer length.

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