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2. Pitch Shifter

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1 Pitch Shifter uses gran­u­lar pro­cess­ing to ap­ply up to two oc­taves of pitch shift in ei­ther di­rec­tion. Shift is di­alled in by drag­ging up and down on the semi­tones and cents read­outs, while the Mix con­trol again bal­ances the dry and wet sig­nals, mak­ing it easy to create twopart har­monies. 2 Pitch Shifter’s Cor­re­late mode is an ad­vanced al­go­rithm that works well on vo­cals and other har­mon­i­cally straight­for­ward parts, yield­ing a more trans­par­ent sound than you get with­out it. Turn­ing it off, how­ever, gives ac­cess to the Jit­ter con­trol, which ran­domises the pitch for cool uni­son-style ef­fects. 3 The Grain Size con­trol ad­justs the length of the slices gen­er­ated by the gran­u­lar en­gine, rad­i­cally af­fect­ing the qual­ity of the sound. In Cor­re­late mode, you’ll prob­a­bly want to keep this as low as pos­si­ble. With Cor­re­late off, Grain Size is very source-de­pen­dent, so ex­per­i­men­ta­tion is key.

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