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3. Punch­ing in and out with Time Mark­ers

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1 Image-Line’s com­mit­ment to plac­ing FL Stu­dio firmly along­side stu­dio stal­warts like Pro Tools and Logic con­tin­ues with stu­dio-cen­tric func­tions like the new abil­ity to set up punch mark­ers for in­stantly and ac­cu­rately track­ing new parts into a spec­i­fied sec­tion. Here, we’ve got a sim­ple beat pat­tern and some gui­tar in the playlist.

2 We’re in Song mode at the mo­ment, and as you can see, there’s a size­able gap in our au­dio track, as there might be if you were to flub a take. We want to track a new bit into that gap with­out en­croach­ing on any of the au­dio on ei­ther side of the tar­get record­ing area.

3 Go to the playlist op­tions drop-down, scroll down to Time Mark­ers, and then se­lect Add one at the start of the se­lected area. We’ll name it Punch In. Al­ter­na­tively, we can sim­ply add them right in the playlist. We’ve put an­other, called Punch Out, at the end of our de­sired tar­get area.

4 Fi­nally, by sim­ply right-click­ing the Punch In marker, we can tick the Punch in record­ing op­tion to make it ex­actly that. Sim­i­larly, we can right-click the Punch Out marker and se­lect Punch out record­ing. Now we can be­gin record­ing, and FL Stu­dio will du­ti­fully start and stop track­ing between our mark­ers.

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