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If ev­ery­thing in your mix is stereo, noth­ing will sound wide. One or two su­per-stereo parts (eg, clap, mid bass, rides or shaker loop) play­ing against cen­tred parts will stand out, com­pared to a blurry, con­fused mix in which ev­ery­thing is widened. As a gen­eral rule, the most im­por­tant mix el­e­ments (kick, snare, main hi-hat, bass) need the strong­est mono pres­ence, and the least im­por­tant stuff (FX, etc) can have the weak­est mono pres­ence.

An uber-wide sound will of­ten ‘pop’ out of the speak­ers, so to high­light one im­por­tant mix el­e­ment, try en­hanc­ing its stereo con­tent. How­ever, the wider the sound, the more of it you’ll lose in the mono por­tion of the mix. The se­cret? Choose your bat­tles care­fully, and find that sweet spot.

Bal­ance uber-wide in­ci­den­tal el­e­ments against pow­er­ful mono parts for the ul­ti­mate mix con­trast

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