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‘Pseudo-stereo’ plugins use un­der-the-hood de­lays, comb fil­ter­ing, re­verb, de­tun­ing and DSP wizardry to create com­pletely new stereo in­for­ma­tion. Adding this kind of stereo width can be dan­ger­ous in a mix, es­pe­cially if you go heavy across lots of sounds – but when ap­plied cor­rectly, stereoi­sa­tion can hugely help one or two el­e­ments jump right out of the mix.

There are stacks of widen­ing plugins out there to try, so the only way to see which ones suit your style of mix­ing (and the sound in ques­tion) is to test them out. Be­ing able to re­strict the fre­quency con­tent of the width is mas­sively help­ful, which is why iZotope’s multi­band Ozone 8 Imager is one of the best out there. Other great op­tions in­clude the free ver­sion of Ozone 8 Imager, Plugin Bou­tique’s Stere­oSav­age, Sound­toys Mi­croShift and JST’s SideWi­dener, free in Plugins.

Pseudo-widen­ing tools such as Stere­oSav­age al­low you to ‘stereoise’ nar­row sig­nals

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