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As­tute read­ers will have sussed that th­ese de­vices’ quirks are largely due to their neg­a­tive im­pact on a sig­nal’s fidelity. One can cre­ate rea­son­able fac­sim­i­les with­out plump­ing for a ded­i­cated clone. Sat­u­ra­tion ef­fects, fil­ter­ing and sub­tle pitch de­vi­a­tion can give a good sub­sti­tute for the char­ac­ter­is­tic feed­back as­so­ci­ated with tape de­lay. Tube or amp sim­u­la­tion gives the in­put sig­nal grit. Th­ese same ef­fects (sans pitch wob­ble/sat­u­ra­tion) can be ap­plied to fake bucket-brigade de­lays, while bit-re­duc­tion tools can be used to em­u­late prim­i­tive dig­i­tal units.

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