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4. 80s gated re­verb

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1 Gated re­verb is in­ex­tri­ca­bly linked to Phil Collins, whose gated drums pow­ered Peter Gabriel’s track In­truder in 1980. The re­verb was an un­nat­u­rally com­pressed room sound. Later (over)uses gen­er­ally re­lied on dig­i­tal re­verb, as will our ex­am­ple. Here, we’ve loaded a vir­tual drum kit into Logic and recorded a sim­ple kick and snare pat­tern à la In­truder. 2 For this tu­to­rial, we’re go­ing to use PSP Au­dioware’s ex­cel­lent em­u­la­tion of the leg­endary EMT 244 and 245 Dig­i­tal Re­ver­ber­a­tor units. For our pur­poses, we’ll need to call it up on an aux­il­iary send bus, so we’ll click on the track’s Send slot and then use the drop­down menu to as­sign it to Bus 1. 3 Now let’s go to the Au­dio FX slot for Bus 1, click on it, then load PSP 2442. In Logic, this is just to the right of where we as­signed our send, but other DAWs will of­fer dif­fer­ent meth­ods for cre­at­ing busses and in­stan­ti­at­ing ef­fects in them. 4 We’ll turn our drum track’s Send knob up to around -6 and crank the 2442’s T(s) knob up to a full 5 sec­onds. That’s a re­ally long re­verb tail – it’s prac­ti­cally un­us­able. Let’s re­turn to our Aux bus, and add a Gate plugin just af­ter the PSP 2445 plugin – al­most any gate will do. 5 We’ll ac­ti­vate our gate’s Sidechain drop­down and choose Bus 1 as the in­put. We’ll need to set the gate’s Thresh­old to about -32dB, the Hold to roughly 150 ms, and the Re­lease to around 148 ms. As you can hear, this is a near ringer for the ef­fect used all over those in­fa­mous Phil Collins tracks!

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