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6. The Even­tide Ul­tra-Har­mo­nizer

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1 Even­tide Ul­tra-Har­mo­niz­ers are ex­pen­sive, ex­pan­sive and ex­pres­sive ef­fects pro­ces­sors. Once un­ob­tain­able dream ma­chines, Even­tide them­selves now make a na­tive plugin ver­sion that can be en­joyed with­out break­ing the bank. Let’s take a look at what it can do to this sim­ple ana­logue-style drum­beat loaded into our DAW. 2 We’ll in­stan­ti­ate the Even­tide H3000 Fac­tory plugin on one of our drum track’s in­serts. The de­fault patch doesn’t do any­thing ex­cept pass the sig­nal through. There are loads of in­ter­est­ing pre­sets with which to play, but we’re go­ing to dive right into the deep end and patch up our own cus­tom ef­fect. 3 The orig­i­nal H3000’s cryp­tic front panel has been joined by a mod­u­lar patch cable-based rout­ing sys­tem shown in the lower-left. Here, the Left and Right in­puts are just routed to the Left and Right out­puts. We can click and drag the patch ca­bles as we like. Here, we’ve placed the De­lay 1 and De­lay 2 mod­ules in be­tween the In­puts and Out­puts. 4 Click­ing on a mod­ule re­veals its pa­ram­e­ters on the lower-right. We’ll click on De­lay 1 and in­crease its Feed­back level to 52%. Now we can hear the echoes in our left chan­nel. We’ll click on the De­lay 2 mod­ule and set its Feed­back to the same amount. We’ll also set its De­lay Amount value to 375 ms. 5 That’s pretty cool, but noth­ing spe­cial. Any stereo de­lay mod­ule could do this. Maybe we need to ex­plore the Even­tide’s pitchshift­ing prow­ess. Let’s de­tach De­lay 1 from the Left Out­put and patch the Pitch Shift 1 mod­ule be­tween them. We’ll click the Pitch Shift 1 mod­ule to edit its pa­ram­e­ters. 6 Let’s in­crease Pitch Shift 1’s Shift Amount to 1200. We now have two dis­tinct pitches, one in each speaker. Next, let’s change the po­si­tion of some of the mod­ules. Click the De­lay 2 mod­ule and drag it to the right, over the Pitch Shift 2 mod­ule. Re­leas­ing it will swap those mod­ules around. 7 Now let’s change the rout­ing of our right chan­nel, so that the Right In­put goes into the Pitch Shift 2 mod­ule, which will be routed into De­lay 2. De­lay 2 will go to Right Out­put. We’ll click on Pitch 2 and re­duce its Shift Amount to -4800. That’s su­per-low! 8 Let’s now click on Pitch Shift 2 to edit it. Find the Mod­u­la­tion Source sec­tion and open the Shift Amount drop­down to choose Func­tion Gen­er­a­tor. It im­me­di­ately kicks in. Click­ing Func­tion Gen­er­a­tor in the lower-left al­lows us to edit it. We’ll change the FG Type to Sam­ple & Hold. Cool!

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