Ana­logue ef­fects

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With all parts recorded dry, Toby took the stems to Prince Fatty’s stu­dio for run­ning through his im­pres­sive ar­ray of ana­logue ef­fects pro­ces­sors. “They’ve got an SSL and lots of dif­fer­ent out­board,” says Toby. “A Revox tape ma­chine, a 50s spring, VRS de­lay… loads of dif­fer­ent bits they’ve col­lected over the years. I lit­er­ally just had them all lined up and did passes where I’d have an aux send­ing to ei­ther a de­lay or a re­verb, and just kind of ‘play’ the auxes as I went along, and record them back in, so you’d just get the wet sig­nal. Then I sent the wet sig­nal to Brad, and he fi­nessed them a lit­tle bit. Like bits where the vo­cals come in: it’s best to leave more room for them to shine, so there were in­stru­men­tal sec­tions where the ef­fects would come out more, and then maybe they’d be drawn back in a lit­tle when the vo­cal came in, or a horn line, etc.”

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