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3. Em­u­lat­ing a rave pi­ano with TAL-Sam­pler

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1 It’s a dod­dle to get the au­then­tic, de­tuned pi­ano sound heard on many rave records. We start by bounc­ing the first chord of a stock ROM­pler pi­ano loop as au­dio. Next, we load TAL-Sam­pler onto a fresh MIDI track and drop the chord into Layer A. Click­ing the wave­form opens the Sam­ple tun­ing menu.

2 As our sam­pled chord is in D, we set the Root Key to D2. Ad­just­ing the High Key to C3 and Low Key to C1 lets us play a riff with it. To give our pi­ano sound an au­then­tic, Akai-es­que flavour, we use a touch of TAL Sam­pler’s Re­sam­pling in S1000 mode, and a dash of short Re­verb.

3 Hav­ing set the sam­pler up to play back the chord, we can A/B be­tween the sam­pled pi­ano riff and the ROM­pler orig­i­nal. As the sam­pler lit­er­ally pitches ev­ery note in the chord up by the same amount, it gives a tech­ni­cally wrong, yet son­i­cally pleas­ing de­tuned tone com­pared to the tech­ni­cally cor­rect orig­i­nal chord pro­gres­sion.

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