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1. Re­plac­ing stock drums us­ing Splice Sounds

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1 One of the coolest things about sub­scrib­ing to an on­line sam­ple li­brary is that it’s a dod­dle to quickly re­place lack­lus­tre parts of a track with some­thing more pol­ished and suit­able. Let’s see how we can use Splice to im­prove a bor­ing, stock-sound­ing house beat. Start by load­ing the Splice web­site and open­ing the Splice com­pan­ion app.

2 If you lis­ten to the drums care­fully, you’ll hear that there’s a ba­sic kick, snare and hat groove com­bined with a shaker. First, we’ll re­place the kick. On the Splice web­site, we search for house kicks at 128bpm in our track’s key of B. Au­di­tion sev­eral loops un­til you find one that suits the track nicely, then click the Down­load but­ton to add it to your li­brary.

3 We can find a bet­ter hat and snare loop by slightly chang­ing our search to Drum Tops – again, pick a loop that you like be­fore down­load­ing. To fin­ish, we’ll also grab a break­beat sam­ple from our Splice search be­fore drag­ging all of our key- and BPM-matched sam­ples from the Splice app di­rectly onto our DAW’s time­line, ar­rang­ing them to suit.

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