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Al­though the ex­am­ple in this tu­to­rial makes use of runs up and down the cor­re­spond­ing scale for each chord, this is mainly to il­lus­trate that all of the notes in the scale will ac­tu­ally work over that chord. When ap­ply­ing this tech­nique in the real world, it of­ten works bet­ter if you try to avoid just run­ning up and down the scales if pos­si­ble, and in­stead con­cen­trate on form­ing proper melodies from the notes avail­able in the scale.


The raised fourth in the Ly­dian dom­i­nant scale makes it a great scale to use over stan­dard dom­i­nant 7th chords. A 7#11 chord is an­other cool-sound­ing jazz chord, made by adding a sharp­ened 11th de­gree to a dom­i­nant 7th chord. The sharp­ened 11th is ac­tu­ally the same note as the scale’s raised fourth, just an oc­tave higher up the key­board – so fits nicely. An ex­am­ple is C7#11, made up of C, E, G, Bb, and F#.

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