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In­tro­duced with Nu­ance 1.7, PatchCloud was orig­i­nally a sys­tem for tag­ging and brows­ing the fac­tory li­brary, and buy­ing and down­load­ing of­fi­cial add-ons to it. All of that’s still in place, of course, but now it also of­fers tag­ging and search­ing (by name only, not prop­er­ties of any kind) of your lo­cal sam­ple and pre­set li­braries.

Drag as many fold­ers of sam­ples into PatchCloud as you like to pop­u­late it al­most in­stantly with their con­tents. Right-click a sin­gle sam­ple or multi-se­lec­tion and se­lect Edit to open a hi­er­ar­chi­cal tag ed­i­tor, drilling down through Type, Cat­e­gory, SubCat­e­gory and Tag. A num­ber of sug­ges­tions are al­ready in place (‘Keys’, ‘SFX’, ‘Wood’, etc) and you can cre­ate as many new tags at each level as you like. Ac­tive tags ap­pear at the top of the PatchCloud panel, and se­lect­ing them fil­ters the sam­ple list down to only the sounds with those tags as­signed. It’s a straight­for­ward setup and a use­ful util­ity.

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