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6. Acid house lead lines with Au­dioReal­ism ABL3

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1 Let’s make an acid house-style lead line us­ing Au­dioReal­ism’s ABL3. Hav­ing loaded the Tu­to­rial Files into a fresh 125bpm project, add ABL3 to a blank MIDI track. Set the Pat­tern dial to Pat­tern to open ABL3’s step se­quencer, then ad­just the Pitch of each note un­til you’ve got a riff you like. 2 Now we’ve got a pat­tern go­ing, we can em­bel­lish it us­ing the other con­trols in the Pat­tern ed­i­tor. First, turn on Ac­cent for the first note in each bar be­fore push­ing the Ac­cent amount to 30%; this’ll beef up ev­ery note we’ve ac­cented. We can shift the oc­tave of each note by ac­ti­vat­ing the

Up or Down but­tons. 3 Turn Vol­ume down to 60% to leave some head­room. Push Env Mod to Max to mod­u­late the fil­ter for that clas­sic acid sound. In­crease the Cut­off and Res­o­nance un­til you hear the riff take on a squelchy tone. Adding a lit­tle De­cay will keep the fil­ter en­ve­lope open for longer, for a brighter ‘twang’.

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