‘I’m afraid of but­tons’ and other ridicu­lous pho­bias


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Think your stock- stan­dard fear of snakes is some­thing to cry about? Run along, they’re ac­tu­ally dan­ger­ous. Mel Evans meets a few women whose fears are very out­side the box – and most likely in­side your wardrobe…


and you’ll see the definition ‘an ex­treme or ir­ra­tional fear of or aver­sion to some­thing’. Fol­low­ing that will be a lit­tle ex­am­ple that says, ‘ She suf­fered from a pho­bia about birds’. Which is quite con­ve­nient, as I do have a pho­bia about birds. Dead ones, specif­i­cally. Ever since I can re­mem­ber, I haven’t been able to see one with­out get­ting light­headed and hav­ing my heart leap into my throat. I don’t par­tic­u­larly en­joy live birds, ei­ther. Was I trau­ma­tised as a child by a f lock of seag­ulls? Not at all. it’s just one of those un­ex­plain­able pho­bias that has no rhyme or rea­son. While I haven’t found any­one with the same fear, I have come across oth­ers who fear the harm­less and benev­o­lent. I’m not alone in this world, it seems.

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