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Do nip­ples fluc­tu­ate in size based on temp? I swear my are­o­lae get big­ger when it’s hot out.

We all know what hap­pens the mo­ment you walk into the frozen­food aisle of the gro­cery store: Bing, bing! Head­lights on. So yes, nip­ples can grow and shrink in size based on tem­per­a­ture – and heat usu­ally re­turns them to nor­mal. Nips can also change in size and ap­pear­ance due to hor­mones and dif­fer­ent life stages, says ob­gyn Dr Sherry Ross, au­thor of She­ol­ogy: The De­fin­i­tive Guide to Women’s In­ti­mate Health. Pe­riod. As for your are­o­lae – the dark­ened cir­cle that sur­rounds your nip­ples – those can ex­pand when there is added blood f low to the area (like dur­ing sex), which in­creases their sen­si­tiv­ity, too. Most changes are f ine, says Dr Ross, but tell your doc­tor if you ex­pe­ri­ence any un­usual sen­sa­tions.

I’m trav­el­ling a lot lately. How can my boo and I keep things hot?

Spark mu­tual mas­tur­ba­tion se­shes on FaceTime or Skype, sug­gests sex­ol­o­gist Emily Morse, host of the Sex With

Emily pod­cast. ‘ It will turn you both on, and – bonus – you’ll learn ex­actly what works for your part­ner.’ Or try a toy like the We­Vibe Sync ($ 295, we­vibe. com/ app), a U­shaped buzzer that you wear while he con­trols its pulses from any­where via an app on his smart­phone. And don’t for­get the throw­back meth­ods of se­duc­tion. ‘A sexy note or risqué photo can be erotic,’ adds Morse. Leave a cou­ple hid­den at his place for him to f ind be­fore you jet­set.

Why does swimming in the pool or ocean with my part­ner al­ways turn me on?!

Think about it: You and your part­ner are both half naked, wet and in a set­ting that re­sem­bles an episode of The

Bach­e­lor. What isn’t arous­ing about that scene? ‘For a lot of peo­ple, the ocean is vis­ually ap­peal­ing and is as­so­ci­ated with re­lax­ation,’ says sex ther­a­pist Megan Flem­ing. ‘ Plus, some f ind hav­ing sex in an un­con­ven­tional place a turn­on.’ The adren­a­line rush of get­ting away with a splashy hook­up can be a se­ri­ously sul­try one. Not to men­tion, feel­ing weight­less in the wa­ter makes you want to do sex ac­ro­bat­ics! Just watch for stray swim­mers…

Any good tips for go­ing down on my guy with ice- cubes? I’ve been want­ing to try it.

The trick to giv­ing him a chilly willy (with­out freez­ing his D off ) is al­ter­nat­ing be­tween warm and cold, and mak­ing sure that the ice doesn’t come in di­rect con­tact with his pe­nis. ‘ That could cause him to lose his erec­tion,’ ex­plains sex ex­pert Tracey Cox, au­thor of Hot

Sex: How to Do It. To avoid such a dick­si­cle, start out by run­ning an ice­cube over his nip­ples be­fore pop­ping it in your mouth, sug­gests Cox. Store it in your cheek as you take him be­tween your lips to give his man­hood a brief, cool rush, then take the ice out and swirl your tongue along the head of his mem­ber – one of his most sen­si­tive ar­eas. He’ll be ready to blow.


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