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There was some ma­jor eye­rolling from my side when I heard that So­phie Monk, 37, was go­ing to be the next Bach­e­lorette. Al­though I’m not proud of it, I was hardly alone in my think­ing. How could some­one so suc­cess­ful, hi­lar­i­ous and pretty damn gor­geous not be able to find love? Shouldn’t the ti­tle be given to a girl- next- door-type like Ge­or­gia Love and Sam Frost? So­phie is the f irst celebrity Bach­e­lorette – ever – so it’s no sur­prise eye­brows were raised. But it didn’t take me long to re­alise that So­phie is ex­actly like the Bach­e­lorettes before her. She’s a woman who has been burnt by past loves and wants to share her life with some­one spe­cial. And if you, like me, thought that some­one with her sta­tus has ac­cess to an even big­ger sea of fish than Becky down the road, you’re wrong. ‘ If I go to bars or any­thing, I only get

cocky peo­ple com­ing up to me be­cause they’ve got the con­fi­dence to and they’re not the right peo­ple that I re­ally want to meet,’ she says. ‘ I can’t go on dat­ing apps ei­ther be­cause it will be printed ev­ery­where, so I feel like I have missed out on meet­ing some­one who cares about me for me.’

So­phie has dated her fair share of high­pro­file men, in­clud­ing Benji Mad­den and Ja­son Statham, but f in­d­ing her part­ner in crime for life has been some­what ar­du­ous. En­ter: The Bach­e­lorette. ‘ My mum ac­tu­ally sug­gested it,’ says So­phie. ‘ She was like, “Look at the suc­cess rate!”’ So­phie’s mum was right. ‘I’m ma­jorly in love,’ beams So­phie. ‘ It [ The Bach­e­lorette] has been the best thing I’ve ever done. This is the hap­pi­est I’ve ever been in my life; I am re­ally f *ck­ing happy.’ At the end of the day, isn’t that some­thing we all hope for, re­gard­less of fame and for­tune? ‘I think we all want a happy end­ing,’ says So­phie.

‘ Ev­ery­one needs a part­ner in crime.’

How would you de­scribe be­ing in love? ‘Oh it is the best. It doesn’t mat­ter what you are go­ing through, if you are in love, that stress does not worry you as much.’

What was it like dat­ing a bil­lion guys at once on The Bach­e­lorette?

‘ Stand­ing at the red car­pet on the first night, I was ner­vous. I thought, What have I done? I am go­ing to kill my ca­reer and em­bar­rass my fam­ily.

But as soon as I met all the guys, I was like, “Bang, we’ve got it”. It was so good for my self­es­teem as you’re the only girl there and they are all into you – they have to be, there’s no one else. It was awe­some.’ Did you find it weird that a whole bunch of guys au­to­mat­i­cally wanted to be your boyfriend?

‘ Yeah it is weird, but I get to know peo­ple re­ally quickly and I like to think I’m a good judge of char­ac­ter. Not with guys usu­ally in the past, but on the show I re­ally fo­cused on look­ing for the right thing. There’s al­ways go­ing to be guys [whose mo­ti­va­tions aren’t pure be­cause] it’s a TV show, but I would say the ma­jor­ity were there for the right rea­sons. It was cast re­ally well.’

How hard was it to send men home every sin­gle week?

‘ So hard! I hate break­ing up with some­one – I used to just hope that they would break up with me. I had to learn to be stronger on the show. You just have to do it; there’s limited time.’


What do you look for in a guy?

‘ I love some­one who makes me laugh. I don’t care what they look like; laugh­ter is so hot.’

What do you think is your big­gest down­fall when it comes to love and re­la­tion­ships?

‘ I think I tend to go for guys who just like me, in­stead of me be­ing into them, and I’ve stayed in those re­la­tion­ships for far too long. I was too pa­tient with peo­ple when I’d know the re­la­tion­ship was dy­ing. Some guys wouldn’t treat me very well but I stayed in it and would lose my self­es­teem. There have been times when I would change and try to f it in with what a guy wanted for me, but I’ve now learnt that guys won’t ever change, ever, and nei­ther should we.’ What would you say are your great­est qual­i­ties in a re­la­tion­ship? ‘ I would say I am quite gen­er­ous and I am such a lover as well; I love lov­ing.’

Ev­ery­one has an­noy­ing traits in a re­la­tion­ship – what’s yours?

‘ I am so messy and dis­or­gan­ised and I can’t cook or clean. But I do make a mean baked beans on toast.’

Have you ever been cheated on?

‘ Yes, and it sucks. That hurts your self­es­teem, es­pe­cially when the woman they cheated on you with looks op­po­site to you.’

Have you ever cheated?

‘ No. I can’t be both­ered ( laughs).’

What les­sons have you learnt since be­ing on The Bach­e­lorette?

‘ I think you have to go into the re­la­tion­ship know­ing how you want it to be, and you’ve got to be you from day one be­cause they have to ac­cept you for you. You’ve got to put your foot down and stand up for your­self as well. There were times when I wasn’t su­per happy with my­self, and it’s hard to love some­one when you don’t re­ally love your­self as much. I’m not say­ing that I love my­self but, you know, I care about my­self.’

Look­ing back on your life, do you have any re­grets?

‘ No, be­cause I am so happy now. If I didn’t go through a bit of un­hap­pi­ness, I wouldn’t be so grate­ful for this love and know the im­por­tance of it.’

What ad­vice would you give Cosmo read­ers when it comes to love?

‘ I think you’ve just got to be true to your­self and don’t waste your time. If you are in some­thing that feels like it’s not work­ing, it’s not go­ing to get bet­ter.’

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