Are you fi­nan­cially fit?

Fit­ness is a lifestyle… and so is sav­ing for your fu­ture! Cre­ate healthy habits now to make sure your life is in the best shape pos­si­ble

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Re­tire­ment? Seems like a long way off… but if you think of it like you do your over­all health, it’s worth putting in the hard yards now for a fi­nan­cially healthy fu­ture. Find the right fund, set it up so it does its thing be­hind the scenes, and your fu­ture self will thank you for be­ing so fi­nan­cially fit.

In your twen­ties? You’re richer than you know! Start think­ing about con­sol­i­dat­ing all the su­per from pre­vi­ous jobs into a sin­gle fund, and look for any lost su­per while you’re at it – you’ll be amazed what you can find. Then check out what as­set class you’re in now and con­sider in­vest­ing in growth as­sets (no, we’re not talk­ing mus­cle growth, we’re talk­ing fi­nance!) – you’ve got time on your side, after all.

Women on av­er­age re­tire with $150,000 less than men. ASFA, July 2017

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