30- day chal­lenge: End a dry spell!

Your one- month plan to over­com­ing a drought - for good! - us­ing fresh po­si­tions from our forth­com­ing book, Cosmo’s Sexy Su­tra

Cosmopolitan (Australia) - - Sex & Relationships -

DAY 1:

Break the touch bar­rier. Phys­i­cal f lirt­ing sends a sexy sig­nal that you’re in the mind­set for ac­tion. Dur­ing con­vos, touch his arm or his leg – or else­where! – for em­pha­sis.

DAY 2:

Add a new an­gle to oral.

Try 69, but lie on your sides. It’s way less stren­u­ous t han on top of each other, but still gives you good ac­cess.


Post- shower, send him a sexy selfie – just a glimpse of skin will give him a big­ger jolt than his es­presso. The next day, wear a pop of red. Re­search shows men are most at­tracted to women who wear rosy hues, and know­ing his eyes are on you can be a ma­jor turn­on.

DAY 5:

S- E-X day! Get in a spoon­ing po­si­tion, but curl up into a

ball. He can wrap his arms around you and en­ter you from be­hind.

DAY 6:

Write three sexy fan­tasies on three strips of pa­per, and have him do the same. Shake ’em up, and see how many you can do.

DAY 7:

And on the sev­enth day… rest! You de­serve it. Plus, eight or

more hours of un­in­ter­rupted sleep can lower your cor­ti­sol lev­els, says Dr Bohn, and boost your need for erotic fun.

DAYS 8 TO 10:

Dab­ble in dirty talk to rev up your brain for X- rated ac­tion. Then spring for the guac when dining out. The an­cient Aztecs be­lieved that av­o­ca­dos had ma­jor aphro­disiac qual­i­ties. One night at home, set a timer for 15 min­utes and do noth­ing but make out.

DAYS 11 TO 13:

En­cour­age him to ditch the ra­zor for a few days. Women look­ing to hook up go for guys with f ive­o’clock shad­ows, ac­cord­ing to a study. (Pa­tience is worth it here!)

DAYS 14:

S- E-X day! Switch po­si­tions in mis­sion­ary so you’re on top with your legs pressed to­gether be­tween his, and your arms hold­ing you up. He can thrust deep in­side you, and you’ll get clit clit­stim­u­lat­ing stim­u­lat­ing ben­e­fits.

DAYS 15 TO 17:

Dab your lips with a minty men­thol balm to give him cool, tingly oral. Kick things up a notch with fore­play in the back­seat of your car. Then watch a racy video or sexy movie scene to­gether.

DAY 18:

Do a good deed for some­one – and tell him about it. Al­tru­ism makes you hot­ter to sex­ual part­ners, says sci­ence.

DAY 19 TO 21:

Make him ache for you. Arouse his ‘al­most area’ by giv­ing him an erotic mas­sage, fo­cus­ing on his lower abs and in­ner thighs. At din­ner, pass your knick­ers to him un­der the ta­ble. Sug­gest (or de­mand, if that’s more your style) that he taste you for dessert. He’ll to­tally want to in­dulge!

DAY 22:

Add a dose of pur­ple to your naughty space. Cou­ples who have pur­ple in their in­ti­mate space have sex on av­er­age three or more times a week, one sur­vey found.

DAY 23:

S- E-X day! Strad­dle your man re­verse­cow­girl style, then ex­tend your legs back to­wards his shoul­ders. Slide for­ward and back, hold­ing his an­kles for lever­age.

DAY 24:

Make a spicy meal to­gether.

A study found that men who like to add hot sauce to their food are also risk­tak­ers in other ar­eas of their life… that in­cludes the bed­room.

DAY 25:

S- E-X day! Stand up and lean against a wall, fac­ing him. Lift up one leg and wrap it around his body while he en­ters you. The up­ward an­gle of your hips means he’ll tickle your G­spot.

DAYS 26 AND 27:

Guide his hands all over your body as he un­dresses you – rel­ish­ing the mo­ment gives your li­bidos a chance to heat up. Give your­self a gen­tle nip squeeze to ig­nite the same part of your brain that lights up dur­ing any cli­toral touch­ing.

DAY 28:

S- E-X day! Fill up the tub half­way, and loll in his arms while he pumps up­wards from be­hind. The wa­ter makes you weight­less, so he can rock you all bath long.

DAY 29 AND 30:

Buy your­self a wig or a nov­elty set of lingerie!

Role­play­ing can help you at­tempt kinky new bed­room moves you’d be too shy to try oth­er­wise. And then give your sexy self a pat on the back. Dry spell = over!



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