67 % more sex: Just add these bed­room beats...

What’s more im­por­tant than a hot po­si­tion in bed? A good beat, baby! Learn the tempo tech­nique that will have you hit­ting a high note ev­ery time

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Whether your boo is a brand-new mate or so fa­mil­iar you could sketch his nether re­gions from mem­ory, you want to es­tab­lish one cru­cial thing dur­ing sex: a flow that can get you both off. Re­search shows that rhyth­mic stim­u­la­tion – aka hit­ting the same spots at a con­sis­tent speed and pace – can heighten your senses and fo­cus dur­ing the deed. Grab your guy and start per­fect­ing your sex­ual tim­ing with these point­ers. SYNC YOUR LIBIDOS

To find bed­room syn­chronic­ity, you’ll first have to choose a good time. For men, testos­terone builds up overnight – which is why they’re usu­ally all about a.m. sex, says Alisa Vitti, a func­tional nu­tri­tion­ist. Women’s hor­mones, on the other hand, fluc­tu­ate within our men­strual cy­cles. On the days you’re ovu­lat­ing, es­tro­gen and testos­terone are at peak lev­els, fu­elling your de­sire and down­there lu­bri­ca­tion, says Vitti, so that’s the op­ti­mal time to be on the same li­bidi­nous page as your man. At other mo­ments,

com­pro­mise is key. Try hav­ing sex on a stroll­in­late­to­work week­day morn­ing when you have the en­ergy to put some­thing be­sides a muf­fin in­side you. The next day, do it af­ter work, and set the scene right when you get home, sug­gets sex ther­a­pist Holly Rich­mond. ‘Light some can­dles and have a glass of wine.’

A lit­tle flirt­ing also goes a long way. ‘My hus­band is a “Let’s have sex af­ter we get in bed” per­son,’ says Gaby, 38. She helps him get on her ear­lier horny sched­ule by warm­ing him up dur­ing din­ner. ‘I’ll kiss him while he’s wash­ing dishes or bend over a lot while I’m cook­ing,’ she says. Over time, such small, sug­ges­tive moves can help line up your sex drives.


Fo­cus­ing on your breath keeps you con­nected to and in con­trol of your body. In the same way, sync­ing your air­flow pat­tern with your dude’s can help you reg­u­late the pace of your romps. Start in a tight po­si­tion, like spoon­ing, where you can eas­ily co­or­di­nate breaths, then have him thrust to the speed of your in­hales and ex­hales, sug­gests Rich­mond. If he breaks that pace and starts wildly jack­ham­mer­ing, reach back and grab his hips to di­rect him.

Staying in stride is the trick to cross­ing the fin­ish line at the same time. Need help? Sim­u­late your cli­toris to the same beat. ‘I’ll get in cow­girl and touch my­self as my boyfriend moves in­side me,’ says Laura, 27. ‘It al­ways sends me over the edge.’


Pic­ture push­ing some­one on a swing for a long time. Af­ter some time, the move­ment be­comes so au­to­matic, you lose your sense of aware­ness and just fo­cus on the push­push­push, right? Well, the same re­peated back­and­forth dur­ing sex is what leads to that trance­like state that moves all other thoughts out of your mind, mak­ing it eas­ier to or­gasm. Lis­ten­ing to mu­sic can help you nail this swing method (as we’re call­ing it) be­cause you can time your thrusts to the beat. Plus, women ranked good tunes as arous­ing as hear­ing X­rated moan­ing or vi­su­al­is­ing fan­tasy sce­nar­ios, ac­cord­ing to one study. Other re­search shows that the rhythm of a sexy song can help keep your mind in the mo­ment. ‘Mu­sic helps me con­nect with my emo­tions more dur­ing sex,’ says An­gela, 29. (Drake tops her list.)

Still hav­ing trou­ble staying in tune? This can lend a buzzing hand: The OhMiBod Club Vibe 3.OH ($169.95, Love­honey.com.au) has a ‘club mode’ set­ting that pulses to am­bi­ent noise.


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