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C’mon, it’s 2016… Let’s see whether the ladies can take some of the heat off the guys

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YES, says Ben Erb­s­land, Nova 100 pre­sen­ter

“Ab­so­lutely! Why not? If boys can do it, why can’t girls?

I’d al­ways wanted to be the one who pro­posed, but if Mel, my wife, had, I still would’ve rung our loved ones with equal ex­cite­ment to share the news.

Maybe it’s the idea of be­ing tra­di­tional. I wanted to make her feel spe­cial in the mo­ment. As a bloke, I wanted to hold out the ring and see the re­ac­tion on her face… and pack my dacks at the same time if she were to say no! Mel’s since said she knew all along I was go­ing to do it. But at the time she played dumb. I think she liked that I did it.

Maybe you girls, with all the hints, are ac­tu­ally the ones propos­ing in the­ory. The guys are merely think­ing, ‘Oh yeah, I’d bet­ter do that.’ You start the process off and we buy the ring and ask you to marry us.

My wife dropped mas­sive hints. When she said how nice a ring was while out shop­ping, I didn’t re­alise that was her way of say­ing, ‘You should get me that for my birth­day.’

There’s a real rush to ask­ing some­one to marry you. I was so ner­vous all I man­aged was, ‘If you’re not do­ing any­thing, would you marry me?’

At home, Mel will do the handy­man work and I’ll cook and clean. I couldn’t care less. When it comes to propos­ing, it doesn’t mat­ter who does what – it’s for the same out­come.”

NO, says Dean “Deano” Glad­stone, star of Bondi Res­cue on Net­work Ten

“For me, some tra­di­tions should still stand and I knew it was im­por­tant to my wife, Lilli, that I pro­pose. She would have killed me if I didn’t ask her dad for her hand in mar­riage, too. I pro­posed on sea­son two of

Bondi Res­cue. I’d or­gan­ised for Lilli to come down for a race be­cause she was a surf life­saver. I was so stressed! There were cam­eras ev­ery­where but when we got to the beach I knew my plans were go­ing to be ex­e­cuted per­fectly. We were in the board leg of the race near the cam­era crew when I jumped on Lilli’s board and asked if she would marry me. She was freak­ing out and we fell off into the wa­ter, kiss­ing – it was re­ally spe­cial.

I loved sweep­ing Lilli off her feet with sur­prise and ro­mance. Ev­ery­thing was planned and taken care of. I even had a Plan B in place. The look on her face was price­less. It’s been al­most 10 years, but I still re­mem­ber it.

I never thought about be­ing pro­posed to. Say­ing that, I don’t rule any­thing out and al­ways love an ex­cep­tion to the rule. I met a jour­nal­ist once who was plan­ning a pro­posal to her boyfriend and she filmed all th­ese celebri­ties en­cour­ag­ing him to say yes. Her ex­cite­ment lev­els were through the roof.

If Lilli had to pro­pose, it would’ve felt like she was do­ing some­thing I couldn’t or didn’t want to do. She had no idea and I loved sur­pris­ing her.”

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