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Q1. Co­conut crabs were found to be able to lift how much weight, in kilo­grams, with their claws? Q2. How an­ces­tors many branchyears agooff from­did our the hu­man pri­mate fam­ily tree? Q3. What is the name given to the gene re­quired to turn thoughts into speech? Q4. The colour of light can be a di­rect mea­sure of what? Q5. How much larger is a hu­man brain com­pared to that of a chimp? Q6. What is the name of the old­est light in the uni­verse? Q7. What led re­searchers to es­tab­lish that Lucy, the name given to a 3.18 mil­lion-year-old ho­minin fos­sil, most likely spent large amounts of her time climb­ing amongst the trees? Q8. What is the name of the cir­cu­lar ridges of hills that sur­round craters cre­ated by as­ter­oids? Q9. Which coun­try is home to the 180-kilome­tre-wide crater that was formed 66 mil­lion years ago when an as­ter­oid slammed into earth? Q10. The am­ber-en­cased di­nosaur tail ex­tracted from the Hukawng Val­ley in Burma most likely be­longed to what kind of di­nosaur? Q11. Which stem cells are thought to have pow­ered the ex­pan­sion of the hu­man cere­bral cor­tex? Q12. What did sci­en­tists re­cently dis­cover was grow­ing by just un­der two-thou­sandths of a sec­ond each cen­tury? An­swers will be pub­lished in is­sue 74.

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