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STEVE CUMPER, FOOD WRITER “The com­bi­na­tion of crisp hazel­nut bis­cuits, creamy choco­late par­fait and sticky salted caramel make for an out­stand­ingly deca­dent dessert.” CHOC, HAZEL­NUT & SALTED CARAMEL CREAM BETWEENS Serves 4 400g dark choco­late but­tons ¾ cup firmly packed brown sugar 3 eggs 700ml thick­ened cream 150g but­ter, cubed, chilled ¾ cup caster sugar 100g chopped hazel­nuts 1⅓ cups self-rais­ing flour ic­ing sugar, to dust 450g dulce de leche* sea salt flakes, to sprin­kle Grease a 9cm x 19cm loaf pan. Line with 2 lay­ers of plas­tic wrap, al­low­ing it to over­hang. Place choco­late in a heat­proof bowl set over a saucepan half-filled with sim­mer­ing wa­ter (en­sure bowl doesn’t touch wa­ter). Stir with a metal spoon un­til choco­late melts. Cool slightly. Place brown sugar and 2 eggs in a heat­proof bowl set over pan of sim­mer­ing wa­ter, and whisk for 5 min­utes or un­til thick. Cool slightly. Whisk cream un­til soft peaks form. Add egg mix­ture and one-third of whipped cream to melted choco­late and stir to com­bine. Fold in re­main­ing cream. Pour into pre­pared pan. Cover with plas­tic wrap and freeze overnight. Mean­while, pre­heat oven to 160°C. Line 2 bak­ing trays with bak­ing pa­per. Process but­ter and caster sugar in a food pro­ces­sor un­til pale. Add hazel­nuts, flour and re­main­ing egg, and process un­til a dough forms. Roll 2 ta­ble­spoons of dough into a ball and place on a pre­pared tray. Re­peat to make 8 dough balls. Flat­ten dough balls and trim into 10cm x 5cm rec­tan­gles. Bake for 20–30 min­utes or un­til golden. Cool on trays. Dust with ic­ing sugar. Turn choco­late par­fait onto a board. Cut four 2cm-thick slices of par­fait. Re­turn un­used par­fait to pan, cover and re­freeze. Place a hazel­nut bis­cuit on each plate. Top with a spoon­ful of dulce de leche and sprin­kle with sea salt. Top with par­fait and re­main­ing bis­cuits. * A caramel spread, dulce de leche is avail­able at gourmet food stores and some su­per­mar­kets. PETER RESCHKE, D’ARRY’S VE­RAN­DAH RESTAU­RANT, MCLAREN VALE, SA “This dessert has been on the menu for 13 years. When you cut into the pud­ding it oozes warm, silky choco­late.” SOFT-CEN­TRED CHOCO­LATE PUD­DINGS Makes 6 150g Calle­baut 53% dark choco­late, roughly chopped* 75g but­ter 3 eggs ½ cup caster sugar 30g rice flour ex­tra 80g Calle­baut 53% dark choco­late, melted, to dec­o­rate (op­tional) 1 ta­ble­spoon good-qual­ity dark co­coa choco­late ice-cream, to serve AERATED CHOCO­LATE 250g dark choco­late 30ml veg­etable oil To make aerated choco­late, chill a bar pan in freezer for 15 min­utes. Mi­crowave choco­late and oil in a heat­proof bowl, stir­ring every 30 sec­onds, un­til smooth. Spoon into a cream whip­per or culi­nary siphon. Charge 3 times. Dis­pense into pre­pared pan. Freeze for 6 hours or un­til set. Break into chunks. Store in freezer. Pre­heat oven to 180°C. Grease six 2⁄3-cup ca­pac­ity dar­i­ole moulds and line bases with bak­ing pa­per. Place on a bak­ing tray. Mi­crowave choco­late and but­ter in a heat­proof bowl, stir­ring with a metal spoon every 30 sec­onds, un­til melted. Us­ing an elec­tric mixer, whisk eggs, sugar and flour un­til thick. Stir in choco­late mix­ture. Spoon into pre­pared moulds un­til three-quar­ters full. Bake for 8 min­utes, then cool for 5 min­utes. Bake for a fur­ther 5 min­utes or un­til just firm to touch and a crust is beginning to form on sur­face. Stand for 5 min­utes. Brush ex­tra melted choco­late on plates. Turn out pud­dings and dust with co­coa. Place pud­dings, ice-cream and aerated choco­late on plates. Gar­nish with crum­bled aerated choco­late. * Avail­able at gourmet food stores. >

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