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THIS TEA SET has been in my fam­ily for two gen­er­a­tions that I know of. This im­age shows just part of the col­lec­tion, which in­cludes six cups and saucers, plates, teapot, milk jug and su­gar bowl with lid. We can see it’s made in Japan, can you tell us any­thing else? Karen Fraser, SANDY BAY, TAS­MA­NIA Your tea set was made in Japan, im­i­tat­ing the Sat­suma style, most prob­a­bly after World War II. Sat­suma ce­ram­ics were orig­i­nally made in the Sat­suma district of Japan, now known as Kyushu. Orig­i­nat­ing in the 17th cen­tury, the ware be­came very pop­u­lar with col­lec­tors, which en­sured its pro­duc­tion in many other dis­tricts. Highly dec­o­rated and gilded eggshell porce­lain ap­pealed to West­ern taste, and tea sets such as yours were ex­ported through­out the world. They were also pop­u­lar as sou­venirs for vis­i­tors to Japan. Need­less to say, the del­i­cate porce­lain meant that these sets were not very prac­ti­cal. Nu­mer­ous ex­am­ples can be found in an­tique and vin­tage shops around the world. John is an art his­to­rian who worked in museums for 30 years and was cu­ra­tor of Aus­tralian Dec­o­ra­tive Arts at the Na­tional Gallery of Aus­tralia.

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