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Ed­win Hanslow, Hanslow Game Birds, Scotts­dale, Tas­ma­nia Tas­ma­nian poul­try fancier Ed­win Hanslow has al­ways kept chooks, but it was only when he bought a slaugh­ter­house that he be­came, by de­fault, a small-scale com­mer­cial poul­try pro­ducer. “I wanted to raise and eat my own birds,” he says. “I didn’t have any in­ten­tion of be­ing li­censed or sell­ing poul­try.” Then Pure South Din­ing, a Mel­bourne restau­rant that spe­cialises in Tas­ma­nian food, came call­ing. They were in­ter­ested in buy­ing Ed­win’s ducks. “All the birds go to Pure South and I also sup­ply a few Tas­ma­nian restau­rants,” says Ed­win. “It de­pends what I’ve got.” Any num­ber of Rhode Is­land reds, Chi­nese geese, Mus­covy ducks and guineafowl roam Ed­win’s fi­five-hectare prop­erty at Scotts­dale in north-east Tas­ma­nia. “Ev­ery­thing free ranges,” he says. Ed­win’s in­ter­est in poul­try goes back to his child­hood. “I sold duck eggs to teach­ers when I was at pri­mary school, got into pheas­ants for a while, then quail. Now it’s a bit of ev­ery­thing, but I keep it small.” 0429 110 469.

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