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A to­tal yard­ing of 14,000 sheep and lambs were penned, down 837 on last week with a greater per­cent­age of new sea­son lambs to hand but the yard­ing was dom­i­nated by mut­ton on a 4:1 ra­tio.

Qual­ity was com­pa­ra­ble to last week with the same pro­ces­sors in at­ten­dance but val­ues were down on most types with lambs to the trade back be­tween $5 to $10 and mut­ton to pro­ces­sors back $10 to $15/head.

There was not a lot of vari­a­tion be­tween prices in the bet­ter fin­ished old and new sea­son lambs with buy­ers vir­tu­ally pay­ing the same cents/kg re­gard­less, how­ever this will change quickly.

Light­weight cross­bred lambs to feed­ers sold from $45 to $85/head to re­main firm.

The bulk of the lambs to slaugh­ter of­fered were the light lambs to air­freight in the 15-17kg range and sold from $65 to $90, they were back by $5 to $10/head.

The very few trade weights were down $5 to $10 at $105 to $142 with heav­ies at $148/head to re­main firm.

Store Merino ewe lambs black tag met mixed de­mand from feed­ers.

The very light poor-qual­ity ewe lambs made $30 to $57, down con­sid­er­ably, how­ever the bet­terqual­ity 14-18kg range lifted $5 at $63 to $90/head, all to feed­ers.

In the only other lift in the mar­ket, store Merino wether lambs sold from $82 to $106 for un­der 17kg to feed­ers with live ex­porters pro­vid­ing the bulk of the com­pe­ti­tion at $85 to $119/head for the 17-20kg range. These were all $5 to $8/head dearer. Poor un­fin­ished very light types sold from $40 to $70 to ease $10/head.

Ram lambs were down in numbers on last week, tops sell­ing from $105 to $126 to the trade and $99 to $107/head to live ex­port to re­main firm.

Hoggets sold from to $82 to $117 to the trade to re­main firm.

Live ex­port paid from $65 to $103 for un­fin­ished wethers and light stores sold at $55/head.

Mut­ton ewes met a very much re­duced de­mand from pro­ces­sors, with light bon­ers at $40 to $50, down $10 to $15/head.

Bet­ter medium weight score 2 mut­ton to pro­ces­sors and the trade sold from $60 to $103, the lat­ter with a big fleece down $5 to $10/head.

Heavy ewes only eased $5 aided by solid gra­zier de­mand on younger bet­ter types, they made from $80 to $134/head with tops hav­ing a $20 fleece and be­ing pur­chased by a re­stocker.

E & R Seskas, Bak­ers Hill: nine cross­bred lambs (top $148).

IA & DJ Warner, Northam: nine cross­bred sucker lambs (top $140.50), 49 Merino ewe mut­ton (top $125.50), six Merino wethers (top $127).

C Boyle & P John­son, Pi­awan­ning: 10 Suf­folk cross suck­ers (top $139).

Rooblu Graz­ing, Bod­ding­ton: 15 Poll Dorset cross suck­ers (top $140.50), eight cross­bred wethers (top $120).

GA Boyle, Quairading: 36 white Suf­folk cross suck­ers (top $136).

TI & AM Vla­hov, Chap­man Val­ley: 161 Merino ewe mut­ton (top $128).

ER Seskas, Bak­ers Hill: 24 cross­bred wethers (top $118.50).


Numbers were up by 550 head in an im­proved qual­ity yard­ing of 1721 head that again was dom­i­nated by pas­toral cat­tle but had a larger in­fu­sion of lo­cals.

Val­ues were gen­er­ally 20c to 40c/ kg up on most types and very much qual­ity driven.

Year­ling steers lo­cal were mainly 400kg-plus and sold from 252c to 332c to the trade up by 20c/kg.

Feed­ers paid from 280c to 343c for lighter weights also up 20c/kg.

There were few pas­toral year­ling steers and they re­mained firm at 220c/kg for lightweights.

Year­ling heifers lo­cal and grain as­sisted were over 400kg and sold from 190c to 302c to the trade and eased 30c/kg only due to a larger se­lec­tion of fin­ished year­ling steers. Pas­toral heifers again the bulk of the yard­ing rose 30c on lightweights at 70c to 190c and medium weights at 155c to 210c, mainly to feed­ers, were 25c/kg dearer. Grown steers were plen­ti­ful and of good-qual­ity lo­cals grain-as­sisted sold from 278c to 292c to be 40c/kg dearer.

Pas­torals were of bet­ter qual­ity than last week and sold from 180c to 264c for those un­der 700kg, up by 15c/kg.

Bulls again re­ceived strong live ex­port com­pe­ti­tion with lightweights mak­ing from 220c to 350c, up 40c/kg. Medium weights sold at 130c to 200c and re­mained firm with heav­ies to pro­ces­sors at 140c to 196c, up by 20c/kg.

SW Kirkham, Coolup: 10 Li­mousin cross steers (516kg, 290c/kg, $1496).

PJD & ML Holmes, Broome­hill: five Shorthorn cross heifers (404kg, 302c/Kg, $1220), four Shorthorn cross heifers (346kg, 300c/kg, $1038).

J Lione, Min­darra: seven An­gus cross steers (260kg, 304c/Kg, $790), two An­gus cross steers (325kg, 285c/kg, $926).

Lanstal Pty Ltd, North Dan­dalup: 24 Shorthorn cross heifers (319kg, 274c/kg, $874), 23 Shorthorn cross heifers (309kg, 272c/kg, $840), 27 Shorthorn cross heifers (344kg, 70c/kg, $929).

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