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Numbers were down for a to­tal yard­ing of 10,294 mixed qual­ity sheep at Katan­ning.

All prime lines were keenly sought, re­main­ing equal, while plain sheep fell $10 to $29/head.

The yard­ing was again dom­i­nated by ewes sell­ing to a top of $130/ head for score 3 large-framed Merino ewes with a three-inch fleece.

A pen of heav­ier trade lambs topped the mar­ket at $145/head.

New sea­son light­weight lambs sold for $60 to $85, trade weights made from $122 to $145 and feeder buy­ers paid $25 to $82/head for store lambs.

Light­weight old sea­son lambs sold from $75 to $85/head.

Lambs suit­able for air­freight made from $90 to $122/head. Tradeweight lambs sold for $120 to $140/ head. Feeder buy­ers and re­stock­ers paid from $20 to $69/head for store lines.

Young black tag ewes eased $20, mak­ing $15 for very light and plain ewes and up to $100/head for heavy weights with a one-inch fleece.

Mut­ton eased, with light ewes sell­ing from $75 to $80/head, medium and trade ewes made from $75 up to $110/head for Meri­nos with a two-inch fleece.

Heavy mut­ton sold for $85 to $130/head with a three-inch fleece.

Store ewes also eased, sell­ing for $20 for very light ewes and up to $104/head for those with a three­inch fleece.

Wethers to pro­ces­sors made $45 to $60/head for lightweights. Re­stocker and feeder buy­ers paid $20 to $99 for those car­ry­ing a one-inch fleece and live ex­port wethers sold for $70 to $140/head.

Ram lambs sold to pro­ces­sors for $60 for lightweights and $80 to $110/head to live ex­port.

Old slaugh­ter rams sold from $10 to $46 for the younger heavy types to pro­ces­sors and $20 to $71/head to re­stock­ers.

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