Mur­doch’s dual cham­pi­ons BEEF CAR­CASE COM­PE­TI­TION

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Mur­doch Univer­sity was a dual grand cham­pion win­ner at the 2017 IGA Perth Royal Show’s on-the-hook beef car­case com­pe­ti­tion.

Led by Kim Thomas, the Mur­doch team scored equal top points (93.73) for two of their car­cases which were pro­cessed from a steer and heifer, both scor­ing first in their re­spected medium and heavy-weight classes.

“I at­trib­uted the dual win to se­cur­ing qual­ity cat­tle which would do well on our feed­ing regime,” Mr Thomas said.

“The steer was bought out of the Muchea sa­le­yards and the heifer was bred by Mundi­jong breeder Rupert Richard­son.”

Be­fore be­ing pro­cessed, Mur­doch’s Gel­b­vieh cross Mur­ray Grey steer was sashed with the re­serve cham­pion rib­bon dur­ing the on-the-hoof steer or heifer com­pe­ti­tion be­fore be­ing sold to Coles for $2800.

In prepa­ra­tion for the Show, Mr Thomas’s son, Jai, pre­pared the steer for parad­ing.

“The 15-year-old has grown a bit taller in the cat­tle world, both phys­i­cally (about a foot) and men­tally, with his part in the car­case suc­cess,” Mr Thomas said.

Not only did Jai have his Shorthorn stud cat­tle to pre­pare for the Show, win­ning the supreme rib­bon in the breed judg­ing for his ef­forts, but his af­ter-school ac­tiv­i­ties also went to­wards help­ing to break in the cross-bred steer.

Jai also was awarded the cham­pion rib­bon in the FCAS Dairy Cat­tle Pa­raders Cham­pi­onship State Fi­nal at the Show.

Mur­doch’s other equal grand cham­pion car­case was from a Li­mousin cross Mur­ray Grey heifer which did not re­ceive a broad rib­bon dur­ing the on-the-hoof judg­ing, but sold for $1600 to Bor­rello Beef.

Mur­doch’s 451kg steer dressed out at 62.6 per cent, with a dressed car­case weight of 282.3kg and scor­ing 10 points for P8 fat, 15 points for rib fat, five points for meat colour, 20 points for eye mus­cle area and 43,73 points for eat­ing qual­ity.

In com­par­i­son, Mur­doch’s equal point match­ing heifer dressed out at 73.4 per cent, with a dressed car­case weight of 372.8kg and scored equal to the steer for P8 Fat, Rib Fat, meat colour, EMA and eat­ing qual­ity.

The ex­tra-heavy-weight car­case ex­hib­ited by Paradise Beef, pro­cessed from a Li­mousin cross Red An­gus steer, which was judged grand cham­pion led steer or heifer and sold for $7900 to Coles, was scored the best of its car­case class on 91.78 points.

The Black Dog Ride Char­ity Steer, Win­ston, which sold for the $8000 top-price to Har­vey Beef, was not pro­cessed.

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Jai Thomas as­sisted with Mur­doch Univer­sity’s dual grand cham­pion beef car­case wins.

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