Air drill makes for quick and easy seed­ing


Flexi-Coil’s 5500 70ft air drill with hy­draulic tyne and 5560 air cart made light work of this year’s seed­ing on the Cor­rell fam­ily farm, de­spite the im­pend­ing dry sea­son.

The Cor­rell prop­erty in Arthur­ton, South Aus­tralia, is a 3300ha in­ten­sive crop­ping op­er­a­tion, in­clud­ing wheat, lentils, canola and bar­ley.

Sam Cor­rell works the prop­erty with his father, un­cle and cousin and says this is their first year with Flexi-Coil.

“Sow­ing our lentils deeper than usual to chase the sub­soil mois­ture and keep the ger­mi­nat­ing seed out of the chem­i­cal band was a big plus for the Flexi-Coil,” Mr Cor­rell said.

“It had no is­sues with dig­ging in and the hy­draulic tynes meant that if there was to be a rock at that ex­tra depth, it would gen­er­ally break out over the top of it.”

Sam ad­mit­ted they went with Flexi-Coil in the first place be­cause the bar re­sem­bled their old one, but he re­alised the ex­act­ness of the 5500 70ft air drill’s sow­ing depth.

This pre­ci­sion is be­cause of Flexi-Coil’s patented two-piece wing, which re­duces stress on the frame­work and cre­ates ex­act and re­peat­able sow­ing depth for ideal crop ger­mi­na­tion.

Mr Cor­rell was also im­pressed by the ef­fi­ciency of the 5560 air cart.

“The air cart is fan­tas­tic,” he said. “We bought an air drill that was a lot wider than our old one and the ef­fi­ciency has dou­bled.

“I be­lieve the ef­fi­ciency came from the width, size of cart and sim­plic­ity of use al­low­ing us to keep the wheels turn­ing and per­form quick fills.”

The 5560 air cart has a ca­pac­ity of 19,558 litres, al­low­ing Mr Cor­rell to seed for longer without re­fills, along with three sep­a­rate tanks. It also fea­tures Flexi-Coil’s FlexRate Mo­du­lar Me­ter­ing Sys­tem with its in­de­pen­dent 24-volt elec­tric drive mo­tor with con­trols for sin­gle or dou­ble-shot ap­pli­ca­tion. Multi-sec­tion vari­able rate me­ter­ing meant Mr Cor­rell could set and vary the rates of the wheat, bar­ley and canola seed­ing from the cab.

The com­pact de­sign of the air­drill also proved to be a draw­card for the fam­ily. The 70ft 5500 air drill folds up to a com­pact 17ft 8in (5.4m) wide and 13ft (4.1m) high when in travel mode.

“The de­sign of the trans­port mode is fan­tas­tic,” Mr Cor­rell said.

“An­other main rea­son we bought this ma­chine, ac­tu­ally. It fol­lows re­ally well down the road and turns in gate­ways or small cor­ners with ease.”

As a first-time buyer of Flex­iCoil prod­ucts, Mr Cor­rell was sur­prised by the sim­plic­ity and easeof-use of the equip­ment. “The other driv­ers of the seeder picked up the work­ings of it fairly quickly as well. It’s re­ally sim­ple and the cal­i­bra­tion is re­ally easy,” he said.

De­spite the dry sea­son that oc­curred straight af­ter the Cor­rells had seeded their wheat, bar­ley and canola, plus the mice is­sue that plagued the State, Mr Cor­rell­said they were feel­ing op­ti­mistic.

“It will eas­ily be an av­er­age, if not bet­ter, sea­son,” he said.

Sam Cor­rell from Arthur­ton in South Aus­tralia was sur­prised by the ease-of-use of the Flex-Coil equip­ment.

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