Moo­jepin Merino rams hit $8500 top

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The Thompson fam­ily, of Moo­jepin Merino stud, put up 130 fully mea­sured Multi Pur­pose Meri­nos last week, clear­ing the lot to a top price of $8500.

Moo­jepin stud co-prin­ci­pal David Thompson said bid­ding com­pe­ti­tion on the top lots was an in­di­ca­tion of his stud’s breed­ing prow­ess of us­ing strict vis­ual as­sess­ment backed by Aus­tralian Sheep Breed­ing Val­ues.

“We are pro­duc­ing a highly pro­duc­tive sheep that checks all the boxes for both meat and wool traits and is lead­ing the pack in fer­til­ity,” he said.

“Most of our clients are achiev­ing 130 per cent lamb­ing.”

Brad and Lach Pat­ter­son of Bul­lock Hills, Katan­ning, se­cured the sale-top­per.

The stylish ram out of lot 34 in the cat­a­logue, Moo­jepin tag 160464, mea­sured in the top one per cent for four traits in­clud­ing 8.3 PWT, 11.9 WWT, 2.5 PEMD, 25.3 YSL and the top 5 per cent in YFAT of 1.4.

“We be­lieve that in ad­di­tion to vis­ual as­sess­ment, the ASBV fig­ures can work in our sheep flock just as well as Aus­tralian Es­ti­mated Breed­ing Val­ues work in the Bul­lock Hills cat­tle stud,” Brad said.

The Pat­ter­sons will turn the ram out to a se­lected half of their 200-head nu­cleus flock to breed flock rams for their 5000 com­mer­cial ewe flock, with the bal­ance of the nu­cleus flock be­ing mated to a more tra­di­tional type.

“Moo­jepin ge­net­ics have given us in­creased fer­til­ity, growth rates, as well as a sig­nif­i­cant in­crease in car­case yield,” Brad said. “All male prog­eny are turned off at ap­prox­i­mately 12 months of age af­ter two shear­ings, gain­ing ac­cept­able clean fleece weights and av­er­ag­ing a 26kg car­case weight.”

The $8250 top price was se­cured by re­peat buyer Kane Page, who trades as KJ & RJ Page, of Pin­gelly, and kicked the sale off buy­ing the very stylish Moo­jepin tag 160181. This ram mea­sured 6.2 WWT, 8.8 PWT, 3.5 YEMD, 2.3 YFAT, 2.8 PEMD, 3.5 YEMD, 19.3 YCFW and 26.4 YSL.

Mr Page also paid $6000 for a sec­ond ram.

Broome­hill sheep pro­ducer David Meyer, of the Meyer Trad­ing, bought nine rams to a top of $4100 and av­er­age price of $2456.

David and So­phie For­rester, of Glenkeith Graz­ing, Ko­jonup, bought a to­tal of 11 rams for an av­er­age price of $1872.

With sev­eral Eastern States in­ter­ests at the sale, Mr Thompson said many were chas­ing high-val­ued rams with ASBV fig­ures. Lead­ing the charge to the West was Nigel Kerin, of Kerin Poll Merino stud, who paid $5500 through Auc­tions Plus for his first Moo­jepin ram.

About 30 rams will be head­ing across the Nullar­bor with ac­count Eger­ton Farms man­ager Pat Hy­land, of Lal Lal, Vic­to­ria, tak­ing the bulk with his pur­chase of 14 rams to a top of $2200 and av­er­age price of $1686.

Mr Hy­land was a first-time buyer of rams af­ter us­ing a Moo­jepin se­men sire last year.

First-time Vic­to­rian buy­ers in­cluded Jason Gor­don who bought six rams for an av­er­age of $2017, and Ed­ward Black­wells, of Hamil­ton, Vic­to­ria, who se­cured four rams for an av­er­age of $1525.

Pic­ture: Ann Thompson

With the $8500 top-priced ram are Land­mark agent Scott Robinson, buy­ers Brad and Lach Pat­ter­son, of Katan­ning, Moo­jepin co-prin­ci­pal Hamish Thompson, and Land­mark agent Travis Mengh­ini.

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