Muchea Sale re­port



Num­bers were down for a to­tal yard­ing of 7163 mixed-qual­ity sheep at Muchea.

All prime lines were keenly sought, with all buy­ers in op­er­a­tion. The yard­ing was again dom­i­nated by ewes sell­ing to a top of $105/head to re­stock­ers for Merino ewes with a three-inch fleece.

A pen of heavy new-sea­son lambs topped the mar­ket at $145/ head. Light­weight lambs sold for $68 to $82/head.

Lambs suit­able for air­freight made $85 to $118/head, trade weights made $118 to $134/head and heavy lambs sold for $137 to $145/head.

Wether lambs to live ex­port sold for $80 to $98/head. Feeder buy­ers paid $62 to $78/head for store lambs.

Hoggets sold for $51 to $126/head for the heavy­weights.

Young black tag ewes re­mained firm this week, sell­ing for $49/head for the light ewes and up to $99/ head for heavy­weight Dor­per ewes.

Mut­ton gained this week, with medium and trade ewes mak­ing $70 to $88/head.

Heavy mut­ton sold for $70 to $102/head with a one-inch fleece.

Store ewes sold for $38/head for the lightweights and up to $105/ head for a pen with a full fleece.

Wethers to pro­ces­sors made $80 to $124/head.

Re­stocker and feeder buy­ers paid $63 to $117/head car­ry­ing a three-inch fleece and live ex­port wethers sold for $78 to $122/head.

Ram lambs to live ex­port made $70 to $97/head and pro­ces­sors and feeder buy­ers paid $55 to $95/head.

Slaugh­ter rams made $28 to $74/ head and a cou­ple of Merino rams in full fleece sold for $93/head to a re­stocker. Rams to live ex­port sold for $55 to $70/head.

Sheep and lamb high­lights

G Audino, Buckland: six Dor­per suck­ers (top $137.50).

DR & JW Walker, Yetna: 12 Dor­per suck­ers (top $134), seven Dor­per ewe mut­ton (top $100.50).

Sac Reinke, Badgin­garra: 21 Dor­per suck­ers (top $130).

CR & McCagh & Sons, Woor­ree: 15 Dor­per suck­ers (top $120).

KJ Hodby, Badgin­garra: 61 Merino ewe mut­ton (top $95.50).

E&R Seskas, Bak­ers Hill: 12 Merino ewe mut­ton (top $105), 12 Poll Dorset cross ewe hoggets (top $107.50), 20 Poll Dorset cross wethers (top $115).

PE & MH Barne­ston, Nabawa: 16 Merino wethers (top $120.50)


There were 1500 cat­tle penned, up by 150 head, in a pre­dom­i­nately pas­toral yard­ing.

Qual­ity was gen­er­ally down on last week, with the odd ex­cep­tion, and they proved to be the high­lights of the sale.

Light­weight lo­cal year­ling steers un­der 330kg sold for 214c to 320c/ kg, medium weights 270c to 334c/ kg, with heavy over 400kgs and grain as­sisted at 270c to 294c/kg, all up by 20c/kg and qual­ity driven.

Pas­toral year­ling steers, at 190c to 270c/kg, de­pend­ing on con­di­tion, were also 20c/kg dearer.

The best lo­cal year­ling heifers be­tween 330kg and 400kg sold at 334c/kg to trade and were grain as­sisted.

The over-400kg year­ling heifers made from 192c to 282c/kg, all up 20c/kg. Pas­toral year­ling heifers were again the dom­i­nant num­bers in yard­ing. Lightweights un­der 280kg sold from 110c to 188c/kg.

Heav­ier, up to 330kg, made 100c to 142c/kg, re­main­ing firm.

The grown steers were mainly pas­toral, with score three steers sell­ing from 190c to 252c/kg, again 20c/kg dearer.

Grown lo­cal steers, grain as­sisted and be­tween 500kg and 600kg live weight, sold from 200c to 252c/ kg to re­main firm. Grown lo­cal heifers sold from 250c to 268c/kg to be firm, with pas­torals at 160c to 230c/kg for the best and feed­ers paid 120c to 170c/kg for score two types. These re­mained firm.

Bul­locks over 700kg sold from 170c to 210c/kg, up 10c/kg and qual­ity driven.

Light­weight cows to feed­ers sold from 120c to 166c/kg, medium score two cows at 140c to 174c/kg, all firm, with prime at 172c to 192c/ kg, up by 4c/kg.

Light­weight bulls to live ex­port sold from mainly 230c to 364c/kg, medium weights at 164c to 232c/kg and the best heav­i­est at 166c to 174c/kg, firm on qual­ity.

Muchea cat­tle high­lights

I&J McKay, Three Springs: seven Poll Here­ford grain as­sisted steers (517kg, 290c/kg, $1499), three Poll Here­ford grain as­sisted heifers (474kg, 282c/kg, $1337).

Su­per Be­yond Pty Ltd, Bal­lado­nia: one Drought­mas­ter cross bull (678kg, 154c/kg, $1044).

Win­didda Abo­rig­i­nal Corp, Wiluna: 19 Shorthorn cross bulls (336kg, 276c/kg, $927), 15 Shorthorn cross bulls (267kg, 324c/kg, $865), four Shorthorn cross bulls (559kg, 166c/kg, $928).

Snell & Tay­lor, Bulls­brook: six Mur­ray Grey cows (605kg, 190c/kg, $1150).

War­ringah Graz­ing Co, Gin­gin: nine An­gus cows (610kg, 192c/kg, $1171).

Davis River Part­ner­ship, Nul­lagine: seven Brah­man cross cows (492kg, 186c/kg, $915), three Shorthorn cross bulls (570kg, 160c/kg, $912).

Veal high­lights

C Planke, Wooraloo: one Li­mousin cross bull calf ($795), two Mur­ray Grey bull calves (top $775).

AHB Man­ning, Bin­doon: one An­gus steer calf ($500), one Mur­ray Grey heifer calf ($480).

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