Mt Barker Sale re­port


Num­bers were down for a to­tal yard­ing of 285 mainly good-qual­ity cat­tle at Mt Barker with agents ad­vis­ing small num­bers were mainly due to road clo­sures with the heavy rain.

The yard­ing was dom­i­nated by young cat­tle, prices lifted with smaller num­bers and bet­ter qual­ity on of­fer, light-weight steers sold to a top of 366c/kg.

Weaner steers sold from 298c to 366c and heifers made 238c to 286c/ kg.

Medium-weight year­ling steers were up 4c sell­ing from 262c to 296c, while the light-weights made 302c/ kg.

Heavy­weight year­ling heifers were up 20c sell­ing for 272c, while the medium-weights gained 27c mak­ing 252c to 290c, to av­er­age 279c/kg.

The lighter heifers made from 225c to 250c/kg.

Grown steers weigh­ing 500kg-600kg made 240c, while the lighter weights, un­der 500kg, sold for 258c/kg.

Grown heifers over 540kg fin­ished up 8c, sell­ing from 184c to 230c, to av­er­age 207c/kg.

Cows bucked the trend fin­ish­ing back with heavy prime cows eas­ing 10c on last week, to trade from 150c to 180c, medium-weight cows made from 140c to 156c and store cows sold for 150c/kg.

Heavy bulls made 140c to 146c to fin­ish down 16c/kg. A good yard­ing of medium-weight bulls sold for 152c to 176c, to av­er­age 157c/kg.

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