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Im­proved qual­ity met stronger gra­zier de­mand with store lines across all types $3 to $5/head dearer and trade types back a sim­i­lar amount.

Light­weight cross­bred lambs to feed­ers sold from $50 to $77/head, up by $3 to $5/head. Air freight lambs 15-17kg re­mained firm, pushed by solid ex­port de­mand, they sold from $75 to $99/head.

Trade lambs eased $3 to $5/head at $98 to $127/ head, with old sea­son lambs $7 to $8/head back on those prices.

Ram lambs were firm on qual­ity at $90/head to the trade and from $82 to $94/head to ex­porters.

Hoggets eased $3 to $5/head at $71 to $90/head to the trade.

Store Merino ewe lambs were up by $3 to $5/head on in­creased de­mand from re­stock­ers.

The best 18kg-plus with close to full fleeces sold from $111 to $129/head, with lightweights from $52 to $78/head.

Wethers re­mained firm with lightweights to feed­ers sell­ing from $56 to $85/head. Heav­ies made from $86 to $118/head, with ex­porters ac­tive be­tween $78 and $120/head.


Num­bers were down for a to­tal yard­ing of 2017 dom­i­nated by pas­toral steers and bulls.

Light­weight lo­cal year­ling steers weigh­ing less than 330kg sold from 230c to 278c/kg. Medium weights, 330-400kg, made 230c to 270c/kg, and heav­ier steers over 400kg sold from 174c to 240c/kg, fin­ish­ing 30c/kg lower than last week.

Pas­toral year­ling steers sold from 150c to 274c/ kg, de­pend­ing on qual­ity. Light­weight lo­cal year­ling heifers made from 110c to 242c/kg, medium weights made from 210c to 246c/kg, while the heav­ier heifers sold for 168c to 260c/kg.

Young pas­toral heifers were less in de­mand, sell­ing from 75c to 180c/kg.

Grown steers over 600kg sold be­tween 180c to 220c/kg. Steers 500-600kg made 180c to 252c/kg and the lighter 400-500kg lines re­turned 175c to 258c/kg.

Grown heifers weigh­ing over 540kg made 188c/ kg. Prime three and four score cows eased 5c/kg to sell from 158c to 181c/kg.

Medium weight cows sold be­tween 154c and 182c/ kg, while store cows sold from 155c to 166c/kg and to as low as 138c/kg for pas­toral cows.

A large yard­ing of pas­toral bulls made from 100c to 300c/kg, de­pend­ing on qual­ity.

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