15 MINUTE QUIZ No. 361

Countryman - - COMICS -

1. Who plays Chris­tian Troy in the TV se­ries Nip/Tuck? 2. In what year did Mar­cus North first play Test cricket for Aus­tralia? 3. What is the cur­rency unit of Brunei? 4. Who had the 1997 hit Tom? 5. What name is given to the monk In charge of a monastery? 6. In which sport is the We­ber Cup awarded? 7. Which or­ga­ni­za­tion uses the acro­nym ASX? 8. Which artist ap­peared in the Dupont Stain­mas­ter ad and painted a drag­on­fly on a car­pet? 9. True or false - The Twelve Apos­tles In Vic­to­ria were orig­i­nally called the 'Sow and Piglets'? 10. Ing­var Kam­prad founded which com­pany in 1943?

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