Hy­field Polls sell to top of $6600

Countryman - - LIVE­STOCK - Bob Gar­nant With the $6600 top-priced Hy­field Poll Merino ram, tag 160010, are Giovi live­stock man­ager Gra­ham McIll­ree, Elders stud stock agent Nathan King, Giovi stud and live­stock man­ager Ge­off Crabb and Giovi gen­eral man­ager Daniel Hester.

This week sig­nalled the end of Hy­field Poll Merino stud, with Giovi Lim­ited dis­pers­ing its of­fer­ing of rams and ewes to a broad range of studs and com­mer­cial farms from across the State.

Con­ducted by Elders, the Ko­jonup on-prop­erty sale of­fered 1220 stud sheep in to­tal, in­clud­ing 17 Poll Merino rams, which sold to a top of $6600, and ewes of var­i­ous ages, with the top price of $440/ head be­ing paid for a pen of 43 1.5year-old black-tags.

The sale re­sulted in 10 rams sell­ing for an av­er­age of $2480/ head, 732 ewes sell­ing for an av­er­age of $308/head, 76 ram lambs sell­ing for an av­er­age of $216/head and 176 ewe lambs sell­ing for an av­er­age of $204/head.

Michael Camp­bell, of Coro­man­del stud in Box­wood Hill, se­cured the top-priced Poll Merino ram, with bid­ding con­ducted by Elders agent Nathan King.

“Mr Camp­bell in­spected the ram, tag 160010, last week and was in­ter­ested in in­tro­duc­ing its out-cross ge­net­ics into his stud pro­gram,” Mr King said.

The 109kg ram mea­sured 16.3 mi­crons, and had a stan­dard de­vi­a­tion of 3.5, a co­ef­fi­cient of variation of 21.2 and a com­fort fac­tor of 99.9 per cent.

Mr Camp­bell told Coun­try­man the ram car­ried qual­ity white wool and had good shape, with ge­net­ics that could be traced back to a Ne­powie ram sired by Gu­nallo 8.

Coro­man­del also paid $330/head for 33 red tag ewes (3.5 year olds), which go back to the stud’s own breed­ing.

The un­der-bid­der on the top­priced ram, Woolk­a­bin stud, of Woodanilling, se­cured tag 160040, which fea­tured sim­i­lar breed­ing to the top-priced ram, for $6100.

Elders stud stock agent Kevin Broad, who classed the Hy­field sheep, said buy­ers were mostly look­ing for wool types suit­able for higher rain­fall en­vi­ron­ments.

Mr Broad, who also bid on be­half of sev­eral buy­ers, se­cured a $3100 well-nour­ished woollen ram for ac­count P & B West­lake & Co.

War­ralea stud co-prin­ci­pal Jar­rod King, of Gaird­ner, paid $2600 for a 16.2-mi­cron ram and bought two lines of 1.5-year-old black-tag ewes, to­talling 71 head, for $400 each. “We are in­creas­ing our Poll Merino num­bers and were keen on the op­por­tu­nity to ac­quire new ge­net­ics to see how they per­form in a high-rain­fall area,” he said.

Other sheep head­ing south in­cluded the $440 top-priced ewes, bought by Greg and River Hyde, of ac­count Ko­hat Farm, Ongerup.

The line of 43 Expo-blood­line ewes mea­sured an av­er­age 18.75 mi­crons, and had a SD of 3.87, CV of 20.68, 70 per cent yield and com­fort fac­tor of 99.25 per cent.

As first-time buy­ers of Hy­field ge­net­ics, Ko­hat Farm also se­cured a 38-head line of 3.5-year-old red-tag ewes for $420/head.

River Hyde said the even line of black-tag Expo-blood ewes was their first pick dur­ing in­spec­tion, and rep­re­sented out-cross ge­net­ics for their com­mer­cial flock of 4000 breed­ers.

The Hy­des plan to be­gin breed­ing flock rams us­ing a Trig­ger Vale ram re­cently bought at the Hamil­ton Sheep­ven­tion sale.

“We are in­creas­ing our sheep num­bers and with our ex­pe­ri­ence in breed­ing Ko­hat White Suf­folk stud sheep, we feel con­fi­dent in breed­ing our own Poll Merino flock rams with this op­por­tu­nity to buy stud ewes,” he said.

Wan­jalonar stud co-prin­ci­pal Derek Hooper, of Narem­been, paid $420/head for a line of 39 black-tag ewes. “We have bought from Hy­field stud in the past, se­lect­ing Jalo­ran blood­lines, but th­ese are the first Poll ge­net­ics for our stud and we were keen on the Expo blood, which showed good qual­ity, well-nour­ished wools,” he said.

Sey­mour Park stud co-prin­ci­pal Clin­ton Blight, of High­bury, bought two lines of fine-wool ewes, se­cur­ing 22 blue tags for $340/head and 36 red tags at $300/head.

“I was look­ing for make and shape with very soft white wools to han­dle high rain­fall,” he said.

Canowie Fields stud co-prin­ci­pal Ja­son Grif­fiths, of Gaird­ner, se­cured two lines of ewe lambs (num­ber­ing 41 and 31 head) for $260/head and $240/head, re­spec­tively. “This was an op­por­tu­nity to in­tro­duce Poll ge­net­ics into my fam­ily’s stud,” he said.

Toorackie stud co-prin­ci­pal Den­nis Had­drick, of Wil­liams, se­cured 24 ram lambs for $250/head.

Pic­tures: Bob Gar­nant

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Derek Hooper, of Wan­jalonar stud, Narem­been, paid $420/head for 39 black-tag Hy­field ewes.

With the $440/head top-priced pen of 43 black-tag ewes are Giovi stud and live­stock man­ager Ge­off Crabb and buyer River Hyde, of Ongerup, with Peter Whar­ton, of Elders, Greg Hyde, Giovi live­stock man­ager Gra­ham McIll­ree and Elders stud stock agent Kevin Broad.

Sey­mour Park stud co-prin­ci­pal Clin­ton Blight, of High­bury, bought two lines of ewes at the dis­per­sal.

Canowie Fields stud co-prin­ci­pal Ja­son Grif­fiths, of Gaird­ner, bought two lines of stud ewe lambs.

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